Tips when renting a car

Knowing what you need before you see your options will help narrow the task. How many passengers are there, do you need a roof rack and can you drop the car off at a different location?
These are some of the issues you should take before deciding to rent a car.
Touring the beautyful city of Caracas or the picturesque town of Maracaibo is an amazing way to get the most out of your vacation. However, there are different road rules for every country and sometimes each city so get educated. Figure out what side of the road they drive on, what the speed limit is and what all those lights mean. It is very unwise to learn these as you go. No winging it please. You may also need to get an international drivers license. Again, research before you go.
The general rule is to bring the tank back the same way you received it full. If you run out of time you can return it with less however you will be charged for this. Make the time to fill it up so that you can avoid this extra cost.
Do a walk around before you leave the lot is there enough air in the tires, any previous damage, is there windshield washer fluid and oil, do they have a map for you and where is that spare tire? Also, if you happen to be renting a vehicle where it snows see if the agency will lend you a snowbrush.
You'll receive a receipt immediately after dropping off the rental car. It's important to check it to make sure the numbers match your expectations. But don't forget to watch for future bills that may hold surprises in the coming months.

More than one consumer has been surprised by a variety of additional fees and charges added to their bill well after they returned the vehicle. You can't fight it if you don't check your bill.

Travel guide

Among the favorite tourist destinations for travelers are Pascua Island with its famous moai, the Parinacota volcano, Valley of the Moon and the Torres del Paine National Park.

If you want adventure travel, you have to visit the geysers of El Tatio and the Andes of the country where you can find ski resort of international quality.

And in the entertainment, the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar is an inevitable fate (remember to be held in February), likewise, the capital club and casino offers something for everyone.


Santiago, is the capital and economic center of Chile. It is the main urban center of Chile and its metropolitan area is known as Gran Santiago, but there are 37 municipalities that make up Santiago. With its museums, events, theaters, restaurants, bars and other entertainment and cultural opportunities, make it a city that you do not want to miss if you travel to this country. This city is located between the Andes Mountains to the east and the Coast Range to the west, making it next to snowy mountains and the ocean. By their distances, it is advisable to rent a car in

The climate in Santiago is warm temperate with winter rains and prolonged dry season. 80% of the rainfall occurs between May and September. The city is occasionally affected by snow. Throughout the summer the weather is dry and hot, particularly between December and March.

santiago-1 - Santiago, CHILECARHIRE.COM santiago-palacio-de-armas-2 - Santiago, CHILECARHIRE.COM

The temperatures vary throughout the year, from an average of 20 °C during January to 8 °C during June and July. In the summer, James is hot, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 30 °C after noon, with a record high of 37.2 °C in 1915, while nights are generally pleasant and slightly cool down slightly from 15 °C. Meanwhile, in the autumn and winter the temperature drops and is located somewhat lower than 10 °C and even at times of 0 °C, especially during the morning, with a record low of -6.8 °C 1976.

To do

There are 174 heritage sites in the custody of the National Monuments Council, where there are archaeological, architectural, typical neighborhoods and areas within the metropolitan area of Santiago.

In the center of Santiago are several places that should be visited on the trip to the city, as the Metropolitan Cathedral, San Francisco Church, the Incan sanctuary of Cerro El Plomo and the palace of La Moneda.

Some structures adopted by artistic trends from Europe are the Equestrian Club of Santiago, the Central Station and the Mapocho Station, the Central Market, the National Library, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Paris-London district. These places should be seen as they are architectural works from the beginning of the republic, with a "Rent a Car" makes it easier to travel to all works.

Santiago has several green areas, which also constitute the heritage of the city. Among these is the Santa Lucia hill, the shrine of the Virgin Mary on the summit of Cerro San Cristobal, Parque Metropolitano, crypts Santiago General Cemetery, Forest Park, the Parque O'Higgins and the Quinta Normal.

Other places you should visit when you're in Santiago de Chile is the Plaza de Armas, the main square of the city surrounded by beautiful heritage buildings. Plaza de Armas has been used as a recreation center and community gathering of Peruvian immigrants, this has led to the creation of cheap call centers and Peruvian restaurants.

Santiago Centro is a place to could go walking in the streets but you have to be careful with pickpockets. A place you cannot miss is The Chascona, one of the three houses of the famous poet Pablo Neruda, located in Bellavista, where you can see objects collected by Neruda as well as works of art. The Palacio de la Moneda Cultural Center is a facility that is under the palace La Moneda, where they do art exhibitions throughout the year and their prices are affordable. The impressive cultural center Gabriel Mistral (GAM ) includes art, films , library with free WiFi, theater, concert hall, a restaurant, a cafe and public places to rest.

Other places you must see when visiting Santiago is the Vega Central where you'll find traditional dishes and fresh food, the Municipal Theater, where can you find international dance and opera, Jazz Club located in Providencia. If you match to go in February you will see the Providencia Jazz Festival, which takes place every year beside the Mapocho River. Moreover, there is the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, Palacio Cousino and beautiful Bicentennial Park. Remember that services Hire a Car in make you move easily in Santiago.

For children and youth there are several attractions like Fantasilandia amusement park, the National Zoo and Buin Zoo on the outskirts of the city. The Bellavista, Brazil, Manuel Montt, Providencia and Sweden Square neighborhoods have the mostly bars, restaurants and places to dance, making them the main entertainment centers in the capital.


If you are staying for several days in Santiago we recommend "Rent a Car", a very excellent choice if you want to take the time and see all around Santiago. You can find great cars, great service and affordable cars in You can also use the Santiago Metro, with various lines and 94 stations, trains run from 6 AM to 11 PM. buy your tickets at each station. You can also explore the city through the Transantiago, with several buses but you need a card bip! You can get this card at any subway station, which also serves the same meter. Where to eat.

The food in Santiago is the result of European influence with gastronomic traditions of indigenous cultures as the Atacameños and Aymaras. In the capital you can enjoy a variety of dishes depending on the season. In winter stews and casseroles are the most popular. One of these traditional dishes is known as "Porotos Granados", delicious beans with pumpkin, spices, corn kernels, tomatoes, basil and garlic. You cannot lose the "Pastel de Choclo" made ​​with ground corn, meat, spices, onion, egg and olives. The "Chacarero" sandwich is an icon of the city and you can find it anywhere, is prepared with a lot of churrasco (beef that is cooked on the grill or roasted), tomatoes, peppers and green beans. Other typical dishes you can enjoy in Santiago are bisque, conger chowder, clam ceviche and stuffed crab. However, we can suggest you the last dishes in the beautiful port of Valparaiso.

You cannot leave Chile without trying the "Sopaipillas " prepared with flour dough fried wheat may be accompanied by "molasses", a syrup made ​​from burnt sugar, orange peel and cinnamon stick, or you can also eat with the known "pebre", made with much pepper, tomato, cilantro and garlic. Delight your palate with "leche asada" traditional dessert in Chile is similar to the Spanish custard made ​​with milk, eggs, cinnamon and sugar. The "Easter bread" or “Pan de Pascua” is a very traditional European heritage at Christmas and New Year will be filled with crystallized fruit.

We recommend you visit the traditional restaurant "Doña Tina" in Barnet, or if you want something more refined is the "Bristol" Hotel Plaza San Francisco in Santiago Centro. Other restaurants we recommend to enjoy traditional dishes and good wine are "My Rancho", "Del Beto" and “The Caramaño".

No doubt , you must try the famous Chilean wines, the best known are made ​​in the Maipo Valley and Casablanca Valley ( between Valparaiso and Santiago), but there are delicious wines that come from various regions of Chile and can serve as escorts for any typical Chilean dish. Other traditional drinks are the "Chicha", a fermented beverage. The "Cola de Mono” prepared with pisco, milk, cinnamon, coffee and sugar, traditional drink in the "Fiestas Patrias" Christmas and New Year . And the famous "Pisco Sour", appetizer made with pisco, lemon and powdered sugar Pica.

The restaurant "Liguria" in Providence, is recommended for its delicious food and choice of wines, plus you can enjoy live music and its vintage decor. You should also visit

Things to Do

Where to buy?
Santiago de Chile is the city with more shopping centers or "Malls" in Chile. Among the main ones are: Vespucci Square Mall, Mall Plaza West Mall Portal La Dehesa, Parque Arauco Mall, Mall Alto Las Condes, Florida Center Mall, Mall Plaza Norte and the Costanera Center. You can find many retail stores like Falabella, Ripley and Paris stores, some of the most popular in Chile.

The Alonso de Cordova Street and Nueva Costanera have exclusive stores like Louis Vuitton, Hermes or local designer shops. In this area you can also find great restaurants and art galleries. Moreover, if you prefer to buy handmade things, the Artisan Center Santa Lucia is home to a large craft fair where you can find different things. There are also craft shops in the Bellavista area and the Pueblito Los Domínicos store. If you already feel familiar with Santiago we recommend visiting Patronato, where you can find all kinds of clothes very cheap, plus food and products of all kinds. But to stay safe is better go with someone local and beware of pickpockets. Night Entertainment.

Santiago is full of night clubs, discos, pubs and more. The Barrio Bellavista and Barrio Brasil are the house of the majority of these clubs with great variety, from bars where you can hear jazz to places with all kinds of music. You can also find "salsotecas" to dance salsa and merengue. There are discs featuring entertaining shows of drag queens. Bellavista has pubs that last longer and also offers After Hours, places that close at 7AM. The Plaza San Enrique is a park located in Barnstaple and is surrounded by nightclubs. The most popular is "Sala Murano".

Also the Boomerang bar is quite popular on a large scale, The Clubhouse is a highly recommended place with five levels and each floor you can enjoy different types of music, laser shows, bars and special events. Other good places are Batuta, Chilean place to see rock bands and metal. Suecia, boulevard of discos and bars . The Cathedral Bar is a place and also various folk bands will play. And if you want to enjoy delicious Greek food and admire the decor, you cannot stop going to the Opa- Opa Greek Food.

The Monticello casino is the country's largest and is located on the outskirts of Santiago (40 minutes), so we recommend renting a car in The casino has 1,500 slot machines and 80 table games are available to visitors. Bingo, Poker, Black Jack, Craps and Roulette American, among many others. Furthermore, it has all worked out for entertainment for both large and small, you can find the Discotheque Suka, the Bravo Bar and two restaurants. Monticello has an entire area dedicated to the fun of the kids with their Amiguitos Club, where you can find a day care by professional educators with all kinds of games, a bowling and arcade games for all ages. And if one night is not enough for such a board entertainment, the choice of staying in the Hotel.

Sports in Santiago

Thanks that Santiago is close to the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it is possible to go skiing in the Andes and then go to the beach in Viña del Mar. An hour and a half from Santiago, we find ski areas Farellones, El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado. Here, between July and October, the slopes and lifts works. Sure it's not a cheap fun: Calculate approx. 13 EUR for transport, 23 EUR to lease the equipment, and EUR 30 day pass, plus the cost of food and hotel if he wants to stay up. During the season, every day between 7:30 and 10 Am., Minibuses depart from the company Skitotal Omnium mall near the Military Academy. Do not forget: warm clothing, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Trekking and mountaineering, directly next to Santiago, the foothills of the Andes invites simple hikes and further east, to attract summits nearly 6000 meters. In German Club Andino, every Tuesday and Thursday, the climbers planned tours weekends. ContactChile regularly organizes treks in the Andes. More information and route descriptions and found in web pages Trekkingchile. There's also chapters on other sports such as kayaking, rafting, surfing, diving, cycling and paragliding.


Concepción is the second largest city of Chile and is located on the coast of Biobío. The city is home to many bridges, parks and murals. Conception functions as the financial center of the El Gran Concepción. It has numerous colleges and universities, among which include the University of Concepción and University of Biobío.

concepcion-2 - Concepcion, CHILECARHIRE.COM concepcion-laguna-redonda-1 - Concepcion, CHILECARHIRE.COM

The city was founded in 1550 by Pedro de Valdivia under the name of Mary Immaculate Conception del Nuevo Extremo. He was part of the first independence attempt to Chile in 1810, at the hands of the lawyer Juan Martínez de Rozas and was the capital of the Kingdom of Chile from the years 1565-1573, after remaining a military and political center of the kingdom throughout the remainder of the colonial Chilean period. Was the center of the most populous conurbation regional country since the early twentieth century as a cultural symbol and has the Independence Square, where the solemn declaration on Chilean Spanish release was realism.

El Gran Concepción is the name given to the whole metropolitan area, which includes Talcahuano, San Pedro de la Paz, Chigwell, Hualqui and Penco .

The climate is Mediterranean in Concepción with oceanic influence and a dry season in summer. Summers are mild and winters are mild. Rainfall is concentrated in the cooler months, being the period from May to August, which concentrates most of the rain. In contrast, the summer is dry.

Among the festive celebrations, the most important held in the city of Concepción is the day, which falls on October 5 of each year, in memory of the founding of the city. Celebrations include civic events, special performances and a carnival. Currently, the term Conception Day has expanded to month of conception as they tend to perform activities throughout October.

Another celebration that takes place is the Columbus Day, in which the large Spanish colony residents is present. This festival is held every October 12. During Independence Day, we celebrate the Feast of the penquista Chilenidad, having as the core the park Ecuador, where taverns and fairs are installed. What to see

We recommend you visit the University of Concepción, a beautiful college with large gardens and you should see the Pinacoteca. Hualpén Museum is a beautiful old house that was converted into a museum and has parts Zañartu Mr. Pedro del Rio, a world traveler. Mining operations are found south of the town of Concepcion in Lota, where they offer tours to an old copper mine. Chivilingo also near Lota, was the first power plant in Chile and is now a museum with beautiful picnic areas. The Huascar in Talcahuano Naval Base, is a ship that was captured by the Peruvian Navy in the Pacific War, it is a symbol of Chilean national pride and floating oldest relic in the world. You must visit the museum to learn more. We recommend to rent a car in to visit all the great city of Concepción.

Other places you should visit are Playa Blanca, Parque Ecuador, Enrique Molina Garmendia Theatre, the monumental Vega (Although recently was hit by fire in), Lenga and hills of Tomé. We also recommend some museums like The Gallery of History, with all the history of the city. The Museum of Natural History of Concepción, which has one of the most important archaeological collections in Chile. Recently there have been found remains of pottery in the area of the wetland’s Batros, states that correspond to an existing culture 8th centuries ago.

What to see

The city has an integrated urban transport system called Biovías, including Biobus the Biotrén and bikeways system. On the other hand, the bus system crosses the main axes of the city. Concepcion has two main bus terminals: The Rodoviario Collao, where almost all the bus companies, with major destinations Santiago, Viña del Mar, Rancagua, inter operate. The Terminal Camilo Henríquez, owned by Tur Bus, which operates the company and all

All municipalities of Concepción are connected by a rail system known as Biotrén. If you prefer to get around on your own, we offer the service of Rent a Car, safe and comfortable.

Where to eat

If you're going to Conception you need to visit The German Fountain, where you can eat "completos" which Chileans love (Hotdog with mayonnaise, tomato and avocado). You can also go to Waya's Gyros, located in the Plaza Peru, has Greek food such as salads and wraps.
Healthy and delicious food, served beer pitcher and fun.

We recommend visiting the Central Market of Concepción, the main market full of small restaurants that serve food with seafood dishes and other traditional Chilean lunch. Local 30 Express, also in Peru Plaza, specializes in empanadas and also serve good beers. Clean, good service and a very friendly staff.

The Fine print, is a Peruvian restaurant that serves fresh seafood and a wonderful Pisco Sours, is a sophisticated place and reasonably priced. You can also find the famous Mexican food in Tijuana, good atmosphere and live music.

Things to Do

Nightly entertainment
Conception is full of bars and night clubs so try the traditional Pisco Sour cocktail, Piscolas or German beer front the south side of the country. We recommend knowing the Pub Quebec, located near the University of Concepción, you cannot miss this place, full of college students and young people.

Moreover, the Latitud Sur, is one of the most sophisticated bars in the city center, has rich craft beers, delicious food and a beautiful interior. There is also the Bar Reggio and Pub Bonita. El Barrio Estación hosts most of the bars and pubs in downtown Concepción, like night club Gala, try the Piscola (Rum and Coke). The Choripan bar, also located in the Barrio Estación, has live music and hosts bands playing covers like The Doors, Pink Floyd, etc.

Also, you cannot miss the Pub Neruda, a relaxed bar where there are usually many young people taking advantage of good prices on pints of beer . The interior of the bar is inspired by the poetry of Pablo Neruda and gives the place a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Where to Buy

El Pueblito and Craft Fair Biobío, are the best places to buy crafts related to the city, located in the city center. You can also go to the Mall Plaza Trebol, a large shopping center inspired by American centers, you can find fast food, clothing stores, Movie Theater, among others. The Mall Plaza Mirador Biobío is a smaller version of the Mall Plaza Trebol, you can get by Biotren or different buses. The Center Mall is in the heart of the city, is a large shopping mall with food outlets, cinemas and shops of various brands. You can also order from the Department , consisting of commercial premises located in the city center , mostly in Barros Arana and Maipu near Independence Square or Plaza de Armas, in the galleries you can find small shops quite expensive clothes, beauty salons, hairdressers and a few shops than you can imagine.


Concepción is home to Casino Marina del Sol, New building where you can place your bets and entertain. It is located five minutes from the airport and fifteen minutes from downtown. This casino offers theater, restaurants, bar & lounge, discotheque and many games and shows for adults and children.


If you want to do sports in Concepción you can visit the Regional Stadium, which is the largest in the metropolitan area. The CAP Stadium, is a new modern stadium where the team usually plays Huachipato.

Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt is a port city and commune in southern Chile, located at the Los Lagos Region and the gateway city into Chiloé Archipelago, Llanquihue and Nahuel Huapi lakes and Western Patagonia.

The city's cultural heritage mixes elements of Chiloé culture with German heritage although the city has attracted a significant number of newcomers from all over Chile in the last 30 years due to employment opportunities.

Puerto Montt has a wet oceanic climate with heavy rainfall throughout the year and only a very minor drying trend in the summer. Although temperatures are consistently cool, frosts are very rare and occur only a couple of times per month in the winter

What to see

The area along the beach is pleasant for a walk with things along the way to entertain you. Walking east you'll get great views, especially at sunset, from the hills there.

In one visit you will see Pelluco watering place of Puerto Montt, the Municipal Museum John Paul II, Angelmó Market Seafood, the Craft Fair, the Cathedral and the Church of the Jesuits.

The Big Island of Chiloe is located 1186 kilometers from Santiago and 90 kilometers southwest of Puerto Mott, within its attractions are its architectural constructs wooden stilt houses Churches declared as world heritage. Customs of the inhabitants mix mythology and Catholicism and they are very friendly and loving people.

You can always hire a car in

Around the City

The thousands of taxis and colectivos in the streets are a fast and usually cheap way of travelling across town. Although you'll find that your feet will take you to most places. To get into the Chiloé Island you have to go from Puerto Montt to the south to Pargua. At Pargua, visitors board the ferry which crosses the Canal de Chacao to Chiloé. The ferry ride lasts around 25 minutes.

Where to Eat

A good place to have some seafood is at the fishing community of Angelmó. Along with the seafood market there are some restaurants. There are also a lot of options for shopping Mapuche craftworks.

If you go to Puerto Montt and Chiloé you must try the famous Curanto (Steamed seafood done it on a hole in the ground) and the Paila Marina (Soup of seafood). Also you have to try the Mate and the piscolas.

What to do

There are quite a few local sites to be seen throughout Chiloe Island. The Bay of Caulin offers the chance to see locals actively rounding up seaweed in their daily tasks, being collected by hand and with ox-carts. The Bay of Ancud also offers great views and chances for kayaking. An old Spanish battery can also be visited on the North side of the bay. The Puñihuil Penguin colony is located on the north side of the island along the Pacific coast. Chiloe's National Park and Ahuenca region are habitat for diverse and abundant wildlife.

Few tour companies offer guided tours on Chiloe Island, as most Lakes District tourism activity takes place in the areas around Osorno Volcano, Lake Llanquihue, and Pumalin Park further northeast from the island.


Calama is a city and commune in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, part of the Antofagasta Region. Calama is one of the driest cities in the world.

Calama is the gateway to the geological and archaeological wonders of Chile’s high central desert. Some of these places of interest include: the town of Chuquicamata, the village of San Pedro de Atacama, Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), the Licancabur volcano, R. P. Gustavo Le Paige Archaeological Museum, Los Flamencos National Reserve, the Aguas Calientes salt flat, theTuyajto lagoon, the El Tatio Geysers, the village of Chiu-Chiu.

Calama has a dry weather and contains two distinct entities: the desert and the Andes Mountain Range, the cold desert climate is characterized by annual precipitation that does not surpass 35 millimeters. The average temperature is 11.2 °C throughout the year with drastic changes between daily highs of over 20 °C and daily lows below zero in winter and maxima of over 30 °C in summer.

What to see

You can hire a cart en and drive to Chuquicamata. It is an enormous mine open to the sky. The biggest copper mine in the world. There is a free tour to the mine, it's worth visiting. There's a small amusement park for children off the main square in town.

Rent a 4x4 truck and go see Chiu-Chiu, Lasana, and the geysers de Tatio. There are interesting ruins, a lagoon, and some old churches. Lasana is a beautiful canyon through the desert, it's green and really different. Then, a several hour drive across the salt flats and through some very rugged roads brings you to the Geysers of Tatio.

Only 100 miles from Calama is one of the most visited destinationby international tourists, the small town of San Pedro de Atacama. It is considered the archaeological capital of Chile. The deserts surrounding it, like its salt flats and the native peoples who today are still intact, have become in recent years one of the favorites for the archaeological and anthropological tourism destinations.

The Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) and the Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley) are examples of this community development. The first was declared "nature sanctuary" and is known for its morphological appearance for each of the tourists who arrive to San Pedro. When the moon is full, the natural spectacle becomes crowded. The Valle de la Muerte is a great ideal for adventure sports such as paragliding, dune sandboarding and depart daily treks that lead to fine sands.

Around the City

Calama is not large and most of the city centre can be covered on foot. Collectivos and buses. But to go to visit the tourist attractions you have to hire a car or a 4x4.

Where to Eat

There are a variety of Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes in Calama, where you can have a good time, enjoying the food, music and a great atmosphere: Plaza Club Bar Restaurant, Fogata Bar, Alquimia Restaurant, Deligth Restaurant, Bar Lounge, Maderos Bar, Boccado Café – Gelatería, Encuentro de Todos Bar Restaurant, Café Alemán.

What to do

To buy Calama is a small Mall with a shops and fast food chains, plus a cinema where most films are in Spanish. You can find crafts in various places in the city center and in the touristic places.

The Casino Sol Calama integrates several gambling and evening entertainment for all ages.


Valparaiso Valparaíso is a city and commune of Chile port, people often refer to as Valpo Valparaiso. Is located on the Pacific coast in central Chile. The city is well known for its bohemian culture, the bright colors of their homes and the beautiful ocean view. Although Santiago is the capital, the National Congress of Chile is located in Valparaiso since 1990. For a long time Valparaiso was known as “Little San Francisco" and "The Jewel of the Pacific".

valparaiso-1 - Valparaiso, CHILECARHIRE.COM valparaiso-2 - Valparaiso, CHILECARHIRE.COM valparaiso-3 - Valparaiso, CHILECARHIRE.COM

Valpo's main economy is based on port activities, oil refining and tourism. Valparaíso was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The metropolitan area includes the Greater Valparaíso Viña del Mar (Garden City), Con- Cón, Quilpué and Villa Alemana.

What to see

The main physical attractiveness of Valparaiso is its architecture and is one of the few places in the world where Victorian architecture was adapted to the topography of the site successfully.

Numerous works of architecture in many styles, beautify and define the character of the port, for example: The Church of the Matrix, Turri Clock, Edificio El Mercurio, former Quartermaster, currently the "Armada de Chile" Building the Building Valparaiso Stock Exchange, Chilean architect Carlos Federico Claussen, the Museum of Fine Arts in Valparaiso, located in the Palacio Baburizza, designed by the Italian Renato Schiavon and Arnaldo Barison, La Sebastiana, the Spanish architect Sebastián Collado, holiday Avenue Britain in Playa Ancha, Cerro Alegre, great tourist attraction and highly recommended and Cerro Concepción.

We recommend you visit the Plaza Echaurren and residential area of ​​Cerro Bellavista, which is full of trade and bars. The elevators of Valparaiso is one of the biggest tourist attractions, yo must see the elevator Polanco and Cerro Polanco, you will see the 70 murals and graffiti pieces there. Also, visit the famous Ex-Cárcel, a former prison that now is a cultural center. You can visit the Naval and Maritime Museum on the Paseo 21 de Mayo, in the Artillery Hill (elevator you go), there you will find various things dedicated to the Armed and samples of the Chilean victory in the Pacific War Forces. The Trolebuses are traditional in the city and you can enjoy them for a ride on low cost.

Steps from Valparaiso you'll find the Ciudad Jardín (Garden City), Viña del Mar, which is a Chilean commune that has more resources for tourism in terms of hotels, festivals, community beautification, among others. If you pass by Viña we recommend visiting the famous Quinta Vergara where the Festival de la Canción of Viña del Mar is performed.

The Reloj de Flores is always full of tourists who want to take pictures in the famous flower clock, literally clock made of flowers. Near Beach Caleta Abarca you can find the Hotel Sheraton and walk up to the Castle Wulf, ancient castle made by German immigrants, it is best to walk the Pasaeo Arabe. Among the museums are the Museum Artequin located at the back of La Quinta Vergara, The Fonck Museum where you can find pieces of native archeology collections from Chile and Rapanui, Atacameños, Diaguitas and Mapuches. If you want to know the most beautiful beaches we recommend renting a car in and you can easily navigate to Concon or Reñaca and also into and through the towns of Quilpué and Villa Alemana, further inland you will meet Olmué field or Limache .

Around the City

In Valparaíso most people moved on Micros and colectivos. The buses are minibuses that make tours throughout the Greater Valparaiso. There are also taxis that you can find in some areas, such as around the Plaza Aníbal Pinto, another place you must visit.

The Valparaiso or STI Metro has a full set of rails that run the coast to the interior of Valparaiso, it begins at the port through Viña del Mar and addressing Quilpué up to Limache where buses have to approach more distant cities as Olmué and La Calera. To use the meter you should get a card because no tickets are sold alone.

If you visit Viña del Mar we recommend you use our services in Rent A Car.

Where to Eat

The traditional food is Chorrillana in Valparaiso, a lot of chips with onion, meat and eggs. You can eat a rich Chorrillana traditional restaurant J Cruz. To eat seafood and fresh fish can go to different restaurants around the city, especially near the pier. Viña del Mar has a variety of international dishes, including Thai cuisine, Mexico and Argentina.

If you want something more traditional and interact directly with the people of Valparaiso, you should visit the Mercado Puerto, where they serve various seafood dishes. There are bakeries on almost every block where you'll find delicious breads fresh from the oven all day, can enjoy them with avocado. You can also find pies, croissants and assorted pastries.

Some of the places where you should eat is the Chile - Suecia, located in the Bellavista Street, where you'll find great sandwiches, completos, among other menus. El Valenciano, which have varied dishes like Amierto Sky Station in Cerro Bellavista. The Poet's Café is a great place to taste sweet things. Beautiful Bijoux restaurant is in the heart of Cerro Concepción and instead give you a letter of menu, the chef and owner of the place you want to come to ask according to the specialties of the day, so you create an individual menu just for you. Nearby, you can find Le Filou Montpellier and Cerro Alegre is the Epif, a delicious vegetarian restaurant and good drinks. We recommend you visit the Cafe Turri Paseo Gervasoni in Concepción elevator with a beautiful view and delicious food.

Viña del Mar has many restaurants and Cafeterias, either in the center of the city, right on Avenida Valparaiso and along the coast, are known as Avenida Peru, where you can find more elegant places. A must try if you're in Viña is the alfalfa, sell in various shops and craft fairs.


Valparaiso is known for its bohemian nightlife, pubs close at 5 AM the weekend as 4 am in the week. Chileans says "carretear" when they go to have fun and have drinks. Drinking alcohol in the streets is not allowed except for New Year. Chile is a wine producing country and you can find bottles of wine at different prices.

Some pubs and bars are recommended Egg, one of the biggest clubs and discos in Valparaiso, where you find several floors with different styles of music. Locomotive Bar also having a place to dance and another where they play various rock bands, known as the Ele Bar can also go to drink beer or bar Balmaceda and Barcelona. Others are recommended to visit Club Cielo, Club Stockolmo and Bar La Playa. The Mascara club, located across from Plaza Anibal Pinto has good electronic music and variety shows as much of your audience is alternative. Dance also you can go to La Estación, which is always full of young people and university college students. Subida Ecuador hosts most of the bars, where they are one after another.

You can find many clubs and bars also in Viña del Mar, at the end of Avenida Valparaíso and on the coast. Public transport continues to happen overnight, so it is easy to move to any place. In Chile is the famous "Ley Seca" law that doesn’t let anyone drive ingesting alcohol. Viña is more expensive and has exclusive bars, but also find great offer of places where young people go and is cheaper.

Valparaiso to its charm is not a city of malls and shops. Purchases can do there are smaller, sure there are retail stores but it is best to see the street vendors and small shops. In Brazil Av can find a mall and Baron, where chains are Jumbo Storage and Paris.

In Viña del Mar you’ll find the Mall Marina Arauco which is the largest mall in the city and the most crowded, there is the Marina Boulevard shopping mall across a bridge from the Marina Arauco. Here you can find brands such as Gap, Zara and Apple. Also the Espacio Urbano, located across from the Mall Marina Arauco, which is one of the big attractions to buy.

El Muelle Vergara is a great place where you can buy souvenirs and unique items, you will not find anywhere else and there are also many craft stalls. The center of Viña del Mar is famous for the various galleries to buy, most are located along the wide Avenida Valparaiso. You'll need a whole day to roam around them.
br /> The Casino and Resort Enjoy del Mar is located near the city center and the beach. You can spend time in the casino, eat at their restaurants while you enjoy the beautiful view of the south pacific. You'll also find a Spa and nightclubs, which are open to all but you must pay tickets and dress appropriately.


Sailing, kayaking and scuba diving are some of the options at sea. Also outdoors are football and tennis, swimming is practiced indoors. A practice that allows to know the city and at the same time exercise the body is cycling, it is possible to know various sectors to outside pedaling.

The local football team Everton de Viña plays its home games in the Estadio Sausalito. The fans are very passionate about their team and cause fewer problems than other "fans".

Tourist attractions

One of the biggest attractions of Gran Valparaíso is the Festival de la Canción in Viña del Mar, which is held the third week of February each year and coming 1960. Various international and national artists perform during the days of the festival. This is done in La Quinta Vergara, which houses hundreds.


It is located 670 kms south of Santiago, with some 300,000 inhabitants. Its name in Mapuche language (Mapudungun) means "temu water", which is the medicinal plant used by the prehispanic inhabitants to cure their ills.

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It is a center from which to tour different parts. Its modern infrastructure with interesting contemporary architecture and shopping, the rise as one of the major conurbations of the south central area.

In Temuco we find Cerro Ñielol, instead of a great historical importance which houses an important reserve of plants and animals.


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Iquique is located in northern Chile. Iquique Province and Tarapacá Region. It is the city home to the duty-free zone called "ZOFRI" and a growing number of resort hotels along its beaches. A little more expensive but convenient to stock up tax free perfumes and laptops.

The climate of the area is desert coastal, similar to Arica, which is influenced by marine mass and the Humboldt Current. It is characterized by abundant cloudiness, low thermal amplitude oscillation and autumn to winter and early part of the spring, but that changed in the summer when temperatures reach double and oscillation increases, the most hot and humid coastal city of Chile in the summer season, powered by the coastal headland that turns the city into a real pot, concentrating moisture evaporation from the sea.

What to see

Baquedano Street is a street cobbled old Western style with tourist and craft activities. Historic sites can be found throughout the city and near the sea and the desert, most of them related to the War of the Pacific against Peru and Bolivia coalition, and the slaughter of the government against the force mining work require social and economic rights, known as "The slaughter of St. Mary School".

The architecture of Iquique 19th century can be seen throughout the center. The most emblematic Astoreca home is Palace, which actually belongs to the Universidad Arturo Prat and extension center. Other important examples are the Spanish Casino, Casino Croatia, the Chinese Club and the Municipal Theatre, one of the largest nationwide.

Around the City

Find micros along the main streets downtown and takes you from there to ZOFRI shortly. Walking is the most convenient mode of transport for getting to and from the beaches. You can share a taxi for 500 pesos but it is always advisable to rent a car, remember our services.

Where to Eat

Iquique Chinese immigrants have had an influence on the local food. The area around the market is Chinatown Iquique where you'll find a lot of Peruvian restaurants as "Chifa" where everything is quite expensive. Smaller restaurants are cheaper, they serve sandwiches and burgers. You will also meet with McDonald, Domino, KFC and other fast food chains that can be found in malls.

For dessert you can try the puppet, invented by the Chinese descendants and is prepared with thin layers of different fruity candy filled fried dough. Nearby towns of Iquique, Pica and Matilla especially, offer a variety of fruits and desserts such as alfajores.

Some recommended restaurants are The Wagon, which sells exceptional seafood, is a little more expensive than other place but worth it. The Broadcast Pizzeria D'Oro is a nice place with outdoor seating.

What to do

You must visit the beaches of Iquique, as the city is known for its beaches and good weather.
Cavancha Beach is the largest, be careful as not all are suitable for swimming. Brava Beach Huayquique are bad for swimming but for its excellent waves for surfing. There is good surf in the city.

To purchase you need to visit the tax free zone, ZOFRI, located in the north of the city. We recommend electronic shop there as it is much cheaper. There are also shops in the city center as handicrafts.

Dreams Iquique is a casino is located beachfront Cavancha, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Chile. He is currently tendered to society Dreams Hotel Casino and Spa, which controls five other casinos in Chile, Temuco, Valdivia, Puerto Varas, Coyhaique and Punta Arenas.

Sports in Iquique range from football to boxing. But surfing and bodyboarding are popular and the city became home to practice these sports in the world.

American football in Iquique arises in October 2011, being the "Wolf" or "Wolves" from Iquique pioneers of the sport in the city. The training usually takes place in Playa Cavancha.

There is also a Skate Park listed as one of the largest in Latin America.
br /> A tourist attraction you cannot miss if the date is concuerdas Religious Feast Virgin of Tirana currently held every July 16 in the village of La Tirana, where they participate in dances in devotion to the Virgen del Carmen.


One of the attractions of southern Chile and its current population is over 123,000 inhabitants. Located on the confluence of the rivers Calle-Calle and Cruces and surrounded by canals and islands of rich flowers and animals.

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It has a beautiful architecture that reflects the strong German influence and countless historical sites, tourism and ecology. The climate is warm temperate rainforest with a Mediterranean influence.

Valdivia's economy is based on the industry, creating crafts, forest area, shipbuilding and tourism. It is an emerging city that is daily growing. The typical products of the area are the marzipan, chocolates, liquor and pottery.

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